As I'm watching TNT's Bulls vs. Nuggets NBA telecast Reggie just stated that Derrick Rose is his favorite NBA Player. Here are his exact words and I quote:

"I love Derrick Rose he's my favorite player in the NBA, but they are not winning a championship if he doesn't improve his shooting and his overall play. He's the one guy I would pay money to actually go see. I've said that for years I just love his demeanor and how he approaches the game."

I'm not trying to create a big stir about this because I know he's entitled to have his favorite player, but as you know the Bulls are one of our biggest rivals. I'm wondering your thoughts on this matter. Just for fun.

Hasn't Reggie seen enough to make PG's his favorite player?

Wouldn't be healthful for the Pacers to have Reggie, our biggest ambassador, campaigning PG as his new favorite player.

Isn't PG's latest haircut a good way to pay homage to Reggie and create a big bond of mutual admiration between the past and the future of this franchise?

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