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Thread: Flagrant Foul Points

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    Default Flagrant Foul Points

    I was thinking today that I don't believe the Pacers have been called for a flagrant foul yet this year.

    Is that right?

    Is there a place to see the flagrant foul points accumulated by each team and each player?
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    It's not the easiest to sort, but here's one place:

    Lance has the only flagrant for the Pacers so far, and it was a 1. Their opponents have had three flagrant 1's called against them.

    Last year the Pacers only had two flagrant 1's all year (Hibbert and Lance), while their opponents had 18 flagrants including I believe six flagrant 2's.

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    Default Re: Flagrant Foul Points

    Lance had that flagrant 1 on Singler in the Pistons game.
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