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Yeah, I mean I understand that it's not fun to listen to someone complain about every call when most of them seem to be legitimate calls, some fans are just like that. But at the same time... there are still bad calls. I don't feel remotely bad about complaining when I legitimately feel they got something wrong at my team's expense, and I can acknowledge when they screw the other team over as well.
I'm not specifically targeting you, just an example, but when is the last time you said Refs made the wrong call, that should have benefited the other team. I can admit that last night, the Pacers got the benefit of the doubt on the whistle down the stretch. I do think they made the right call on the PG 3 FT's though. Maybe not in the past, but this team will get the benefit of the doubt more than not because they are now recognized as one of the best teams in the NBA. It's dumb, but thats just how it works.