Should Coach Vogel consider: Reason I ask is Popavich obviously sat Duncan Manu TP. granted they are older. Heat are currently sitting Wade intermittently.

Heat may concede 1 seed and be rested and ready postseason. I want to keep winning, want the 1 seed. But should Coach Vogel rest players as well at times. Maybe Hibbs a game here or there, Paul a game here or there. Granger it would be a good idea with.

This is alos bodes well for other reasons. Lets see this team prove to it can get a win without Paul or Roy (say one fouls out). also builds the team.

most of all, keeps players rested. we got so much depth at this time, some nites we can pull it off. bobcats for example or whoever at home. let OJ play 30 minutes one nite, may need him, or Solo 25, sit DWEST and let Cope gets some minutes.

you all get the point.

LeHeat know they need Wade 100%. Lets make sure our boys get the 1 seed but are ready for the postseason first and foremost.

What u say.