Since pizza is so universally loved lets get everybody's opinion on your favs and least favs. Heck....even throw in those hole in the wall great pizza places if you want to. Somebody comment on Papa John's as I haven't had it in like forever. I'll start off with a few comments:

Marcos: Love it. Big pizza toppings and very good sauce and crust

Pizza King: Like it a lot, but it is WAY over priced. Little squares and small toppings yet you will pay $23.00 or so for a large loaded. Their parking lots are always empty. Take a hint...lower your prices.

Basbeaux's: Been a while since I had it, but great gourmet style pizza place although I usually just get a sausage and pepperoni. I know there is one in Broad Ripple and Carmel.

Pizza Hut: Not horrible, but the most over-rated of the major chains. All their crusts taste pre-made(although they are not) and the Pan crust especially is really greasy. Their sauce is nothing special and they are sometimes skimpy with the cheese and even toppings. Not one of my favs.

Dominos: I know you can get them cheap, but it's almost bottom of the barrel for me. Last time I got one it was bland.

Lets hear your favs and least favs or just general comments. I love trying new pizzas and breadsticks and such.