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Thread: Write up of Pacers/Bucks game on a gambling forum

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    Default Write up of Pacers/Bucks game on a gambling forum

    The pacers play of late is huge among my fellow sports bettors.

    No way on mothers earth Bucks can hang around with this Indiana roster, and no way they can do it in Indianapolis. First of all, did you guys see Bucks against the Orlando Magic? I have never seen such a poor offensive performance in the last 3 quarters by a team in the last 11 years maybe. HOW DO YOU THINK THIS HORRIBLE OFFENSE WILL MATCH UP AGAINST Pacers unstoppable Defense?! They will not be able to! Pacers D has many similarities to the Chiefs D if u have to compare them across the sports. The only difference between the two is the fact that Pacers O is 10 times better than Chiefs. I dont think i can find a much worse match up for this Bucks roster, they got blown away by the Miami Heat, and the Miami Heat are usually a team that is easier to ground and pound with, you can keep the game highscoring, you can push the pace offensively, you can use many tools to hang around the spread when you are going up against them - at least in the regular season where Miami Heat appearently do not give a garbage about dropping games left and right.

    I'm just gonna go ahead and say this now: If this Pacers team do not manage to win by at least 25 points tonight, then this will be the biggest surprise to me all season.

    Another thing that u simply just gotta love about this Pacers team is that they care. They care about the ball games. They wanna moove and groove and do anything they can do to win these ball games and they are fighting hard and they are grinding defensively as well as offensively; on both sides of the ball. AND THEY VALUE EACH PLAYER on their team. They do so many things to make sure everyone feels comfortable when they go out there on the field, and when things dont go well, they FIX THESE THINGS so that they do go well and then they make up for the bad plays they have made previously. They learn from mistakes, they move forward. I have always thought that this Pacers team is overrated and such, but when you sit down and watch them play basketball you cant have nothing but respect for these guys, they are sure as hell grinding their butt off to win ball games.

    Please do not feed me off now by saying "Pacers have no motivation to win this huge". Ok, if players getting paid double digit millions are not motivated enough to win ball games, then maybe these wussies should find another sport. I am ranked top 500 in the world in table tennis (not that it matters at all, i am just trying to state an example here) and whenever i play a table tennis match with my brother, then i will give my right leg that i do not drop a single point against him, and i will do pretty much whatever it takes. And i get paid nothing. If these dogs comming from the street cannot set themselves up for playing a game worth millions, then they do not belong in this sport what so ever. So i am not gonna buy that argument, especially not when it comes to this Indiana roster, because you can sure as hell tell that they are hungry and that they want to keep the train rolling for as long as possible.

    Their depth is outstanding too compared to Milwaukees, i wouldnt be surprised if Bucks lost the second half by 20 points as soon as subs enter the field. They have NO1 to rely on, they have NOTHING that can threaten Indiana. This is so far the biggest mismatch skillwise this season i have seen, and i have not seen a team match up this poorly against Indiana as Milwaukee do right now. And that goes for EVERY SINGLE aspect of this game. Indiana are gonna win this game straight up - and they are gonna win it huge.

    I was gonna see if i could find Pacers -30.5 or -35.5 or something, but i wasnt able to. This was the highest possible line i could find, so here goes:

    Indiana Pacers -21.5 @ Bet365 @ +175

    Final Score: 109-72
    Final score 104-77

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