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    Quote Originally Posted by cinotimz View Post
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    And Dannys 2011-12 season that he seemed to have a problem with was very similar to Pauls numbers last year....go figure...and which team was more talented??? Its like people either never actually watched or have no real clue what theyre watching because they already have their mind made up...from the time Vogel took over things have evolved pretty dramatically...yet some would have u believe everyone evolved EXCEPT Danny...which is completely baseless
    Are we really comparing a prime Danny to a 22 year old player in his first year as the go to guy? Danny needed a super human like 6-8 weeks towards the end of the season to get his numbers up to where they were. He was pretty bad for most of that season.

    Please tell how Danny evolved his game with Vogel in charge, I'm interested in that.

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