Of course if you're staring at your expiration date on the earth and still healthy enough to enjoy life, is there any reason you'd like to have a lump sum of money right up front or in a couple of huge payments versus continuing the normal payouts?

Add in if there is some legal challenge available to the NBA either now or in the future that at least has a chance of success, how would that affect your thought process?

And lastly, if there is an investment you'd like to make while you can still see it thru and this huge lump sum help makes it happen, then wouldn't you want to consider the offer?

Of course there's always the saying... a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Would the lump sum offer be the bird in the hand or would the continuing payments be the bird in the hand?

The hurdle as I see it is that this deal has been so blatantly one-sided that it's hard to imagine they've not bankrolled so much money from it that a buyout just wouldn't interest them. How much more could they need? Does the money even mean anything to them at this point other than continuing on for their family? But depending on the weight the above things might be given, and maybe they decide they've milked the golden goose enough, so maybe there is a number that works.