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Better than any Bird-McHale-Parrish team, any Kareem-Worthy-Magic team, Philly's fo-fo-fo team, any Celtics 60s team, any of Wilts teams including the '72 Wilt-West-Goodrich team that won 33 straight or the 66-67 Wilt-Hal Greer-Chet Walker- Billy Cunningham team with 4 20 ppg scorers?

people seriously contemplating this question lack an appreciation for the history of our league
I don't think it's bad to contemplate it. I wouldn't go around expecting it, though. Eventually, some team will be a 70 win team. There's a lot of chance involved in basketball games, and I think at some point a team that would normally win 63-65 games will get flukey results on the remaining games and will exceed their "normal" win amount.

When you actually think about it, even if you win absolutely every game you "should" win and you go .500 against the 4 best teams in each conference...you're already at least flirting with the 70 win line. There's too many good teams in the league right now I think. If LeBron played with a defensive big man I think they would get there though.