Several problems that we've seen all season, along with an off day by Luck, conspired to turn this into a blowout loss.

I don't know why we try and run kickoffs out of the endzone as much as we do. That has to be by design. And it's crazy IMHO. We really paid for that today, having to start drives with bad field position.

We're trying to be a power running team. I'm not sure if it's desire to see that goal thru or stubbornness.... but at some point we need a reality check about what is and what is not working and adjust the gameplan before kickoff, not at halftime. I'm inclined to agree with those that say we don't have the horses to be a run first team and that we'd actually have more success letting the passing game soften up the other team for the running game.

DHB.... I'm ready to just cut him or sideline him. I was fine keeping him as long as Reggie was here... But now his drops really create a problem because Luck has to account for him in routes and then has to question throwing him the ball. Which leads to a moment of indecision. It probably also has Luck not looking to him as soon as he should because he's worried about throwing to him so passing game gets an extra hitch of indecision in it. And then when he does throw to him and he drops it, it really put pressure on the next play or two because there's no safety blanket like Reggie to throw to next. Or a back you can count on for a couple tough yards. It's a repeat of the previous play's worries....