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    Default Odd Thoughts: 6-0 we go......

    Very very short on time right now so we are going to do this bullet point style.

    The combination of George Hill & C.J. Watson is just absolutely killer. We think we have ridicules depth at the four? Im telling you Watson would have been the best point guard we have had on our team since when Jamaal Tinsley collapsed into oblivion. In other words hes our second best point guard in 10 years and George Hill is our best, how sick is that. In fact Watson didnt even really have that strong of a game but it was enough
    Lois Scola though, damn it is so nice to have those shots from him in the 4th quarter. Tonight we got to see a head to head example of why the changing of the backup 4s works in our favor. Tyler, while a player I still like, just has no ability to score beyond anything up close. Lois on the other hand can score from almost anywhere and his ability to hit that face up jumper changes how teams defend us so much its not even funny. In fact the odd thing to say about this is that I only think its going to get better as the year goes on.
    For the first time all season when we had our second quarter funk I actually didnt even have a moment of doubt for a couple of reasons. One Gay was just hitting obscene shots that he most likely would not be able to continue to do and secondly and more importantly their bench was about to appear in the form of D.J. Augustine & Tyler. Amazingly their lead disappeared nearly at the same time those two were in. It was like Dj vu all over again.
    Its nice to see that the toilet scrubber Steve Novac is being used for the purposes that God intended him, well beyond cleaning truck stop toilets that is. His one 1 min & 54 second contribution to the game was to take and miss a three. In his defense I guess thats still 1 min & 54 seconds longer than Copeland can get.
    Lance just being Lance. He probably did have a bad Charlie horse though so I cant say I blame him to much but man weve seen that act before.
    BTW didnt DeRozan used to be good? In fact didnt he outplay Paul a couple of times last season? Not now, not even in the same world.
    Nice night for Roy to hit some shots, that helped keep the game going early on before Paul picked it up to carry us home.
    This team is just absolutely amazing to watch. The defense is just a machine and we so far have had enough offense to make it through.
    Our defense is so good that out of the 6 teams that have played us not a single one of them have had any luck running their initial primary offense against us. They have all had to go to plan B and often times C & D.
    The team that ends up beating us I suspect will just have one of those nights when they cant miss anything. In all honesty other than an injury or foul trouble I dont see any other offense that will have much success.

    On to the Nets and another test against another team that people think will be a contender in the end.

    P.S. Hopefully this puts the ghost of ptaylor2112 8th grade teacher to rest. I was adding an apostrophe to my S at the end of Odd Thoughts and he informed me I'm wrong. Graham would be proud of him.

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