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And that's what makes him so good! He can guard Harden, Melo, Rose, Lebron. And PG showed last year that he can play in big moments so we don't even have to worry about that. Usually is the other way around
Eh... I'm not sure anybody can guard Lebron. His combination of being big and fast is too much. Paul George has the athleticism to guard him but he gives up the size. Lebron can push through him and if you put someone big enough to match up with his size, he can go around them or can easily get wide open because they're too slow. But yeah... other than that, I agree. I hate to admit that but Lebron's numbers were good against us in the playoffs. 29.0pts 7.3rebs 5.3asts 1.4blks 1.4stls on 51.0%fg and 44.1%3pt. He even attempted 5 three's per game in the series and shot that high. I'm not sure I'd say he can guard Lebron looking at those numbers. Then again, nobody can. I agree he can guard pretty much everyone else at SF, SG and PG.