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    Hi all,

    I have a humble request. Every arena has some kind of signature music or theme at times they play. Where I am going with this is for the Pacers it is the "race cars." I noticed during the NO Pelicans game there was some funky NO' jazz jive .. not sure what it was, I think it was during 3rd qtr. I am sure each stadium has their own "signature" themes. The Pacers have several.

    One I must give KUDOS to is the DRUMS. Old school awesome atmosphere creatation. my request is this.

    Pacers are a lock down solid fundamental basketball sound principally pound it down low and back outside hard nosed team. this is only a humble request.

    the indy race cars are awesome. but for me and I noticed this in game 3 of ECF vs heat I believe it speeds up the tempo. I don't like that for the pacers while on OFFENSE. being that the blue and gold are a tuff nosed team. prefer more THUNDER from the indy race cars when the pacers are playing DEFENSE.

    why does pacers PR not play the indy race car thunder on DEFENSE. speed up the offense of other teams. maybe that doesn't work vs heat. but I feel our teams STRENGTH is DEFENSE. its our anchor. I want our D symbolizing thunderous indy race car fast DEFENSE vs the opposing teams.

    essentially... humbly requesting the "INDY RACE CARS" be played while pacers are on defense not offense. and play em loud!!!

    thanks yall !! PD rocks.

    * edit, in no way am I being critical. just feel like speed is not conducive to our offense. we are methodical band it down low. not the run and gun lakers or whoever. our speeeeed is DEFENSE.

    Great to see so few Bulls fans in the Fieldhouse. GO PACERS!!
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