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YES, YES, YES, AND YES! I'm not a bandwagoner.

When I mention support, it didn't nesscessarily mean going to every game. I'm talking seeing people wearing fan gear, water cooler talk, where it was definitely evident that the city has the team back like the Colts. That's all I'm saying. I STILL feel like the city is

Colts>>IU>>>>Pacers and that's sad, how can you have a COLLEGE outrank a GREAT professional basketball team?
Easily. IU has been around longer. Many people living in Indy went to IU, creating a bond that just doesn't happen with a professional team. IU has a rich history and pretty good team right now as well.

I'm not saying IU is bigger than the Pacers in the city as I have no idea. But just because one is college and one is pro, I don't think that really matters in terms of popularity. Even if the Bobcats start becoming contenders, I don't see them ever taking over UNC and Duke.