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Thread: Guess the Score Changes - Point System

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    Default Guess the Score Changes - Point System


    The point system scoring changes are in. Actually they've been in for the last half of the preseason. They seem to be working OK. Please let me know if something appears amiss with the scoring as we get started.

    The original discussion about this system was in this thread:

    To summarize... Previously the winner of the contest for the year was determined solely by the number for wins - first place finishes. This year I'm going to try something new and move to a points system, where more than one poster gets points each game. The winner for the season will be the poster with the most points, not necessarily the most first place finishes.

    First place gets 9 points.
    Second place gets 6 points.
    Third place gets 3 points.

    If you guess the correct winning team, you get a bonus point, no matter what your finish.
    There is an additional 10 point bonus for getting the score exactly right. (off by 0).

    As always, preseason points do not count. (Sorry Coopdog23) The postseason does count, however.

    I've modified the "leader board" that is posted at the beginning of the guess thread to reflect the standing based on points. The posting of the winner in each thread also includes the total season points for each person who guessed, so you should be able to stay pretty up to date with how you are doing.

    Why change? I hope the points system keeps more people in the running for the championship for longer. Generally things are down to a small handful of potential winners by the all-star break. I think it will reward better guessers - two second places finishes are worth more than a single lucky guess. And I also think it will favor those who guess more often.

    Also: I've modified RoboDoug slightly to (hopefully) make him less accurate. He won 16 games last year which is a new record. Increased participation should also help cut that down quite a bit. However, he has evolved over 6,000,000 generations at this point and will still likely be pretty good. I'm planning on restarting his evolution some time this year, but I've got some coding to do before that happens. In his current state, I expect him to be "in the hunt", but not the invincible juggernaut he was last year.

    Anyway, good luck.

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    Default Re: Guess the Score Changes - Point System

    I'm making a resolution this season to guess every single game. I'm on PD enough to get it done that's for sure. No excuses to not venture into the guess threads and participate.

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    Default Re: Guess the Score Changes - Point System

    It's a lot more fun with more opportunities to "win." I love the changes.
    Time for a new sig.

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