Whenever I sign in, I usually see this tidbit of info after it lists how many people are currently online:

"Most users ever online was 1,892, 05-31-2007 at 06:45 PM."

I was just curious - for those who had an account then, does anyone know why so many users were online? This is like 9 times the amount of people that are on right now. This was the same day when Jim O'Brien was announced as head coach. This was at 6:45, so it was before a game, I'm assuming. I just always wonder - nearly every time that I sign in and see this - what made so many people visit this page at that one particular point in time...nearly 2,000 is so many compared to the amount that visit now. Something had to have happened. All I can think of is JOB.

Any theories or thoughts would be appreciated, I'm just a curios cat ;-) (perverted old man winky face)