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Thread: Aaron Rodgers broke collarbone out 4-6 weeks

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    Default Aaron Rodgers broke collarbone out 4-6 weeks

    Report: Rodgers likely to miss 4-6 weeks

    Posted by Mike Florio on November 6, 2013, 11:01 AM EST

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    On last night’s edition of Pro Football Talk on NBCSN, we addressed the expected duration of Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers‘ absence due to a broken collarbone, given ESPN has reported that Rodgers is expected to miss three weeks.

    Though I admitted that I’m neither a doctor nor play one on TV nor stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night or ever (there goes the potential Holiday Inn Express endorsement), I have access to Google and Google tells me the expected healing time for a fractured collarbone is 4-6 weeks.

    Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports has subsequently reported that Rodgers is expected to miss 4-6 weeks.

    While NFL players often display the ability to heal faster than non-athletes, the ability of human bones to heal doesn’t vary much based on profession or fitness level.

    So 4-6 weeks it is, and the real question is whether Rodgers can be ready a few days short of four weeks, so that he can play on Thanksgiving when the Packers visit the Lions.

    In an unrelated development, FOX has delivered a case of calcium supplements to Rodgers.
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