Before you think I'm crazy, no pun intended. I think that Peyton needs to seek professional help. Everyone, needs some one to talk to who can be objective. People have phobias. I have a fear of driving over bridges. I do it but it terrifies me! I always feel like the bridge, even if it's an over-pass is going to collapse. I deal with it. I try and look straight ahead, and I don't stop on a bridge.

I can't sleep with a closet door open. I can't do it. You would think that if there were something in the closet you would want to know about it. If there is something in there, the closed door will keep it there I guess.

Maybe Peyton needs to see someone about getting past the Patriots. I think if he did this once, get past the Patriots, then the stigma would be gone. I was hoping we would have beaten them in the first game. Maybe Peyton and Tony can get a group discount.

What do you guys think?