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    Default The NBA Regular Season Championship Belt

    I don't know why this amuses me as much as it does but...

    Introducing the NBA Regular-Season Championship Belt

    For as much as we love the NBA — and we love the NBA — there are stretches of the regular season that can feel inconsequential. But the Regular-Season Championship Belt (RSCB) changes that. The winners of the previous season's NBA Finals start with the title. Whoever beats them takes the title from them. That team holds the championship until it loses, and so on, and so on. It's just king of the hill, played out over 82 games.
    Fun facts: The Pacers had the second longest reign with the belt last season, by these rules, and had the most 'title reigns' with 3.

    Supposedly the NFL version of this is owned by the Colts.

    Current belt holder of course is the 76ers with their defeat of Miami, though at the time I'm writing this they're losing to the Wizards.
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