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Thread: You know a team that scares me?

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    Default You know a team that scares me?

    Golden State. And I'm not saying that because they smoked the Lakers last night.

    When I tuned into that game last night, they looked fantastic. I guess I had not kept up on their acquisitions in the off-season. I thought last year they already had a great young roster. So I'm looking at the screen, checkin out who they ahve on the court.... "Ah, there's Steph Curry... David Lee... yep, Klay. Oh wow, forgot they got Bogut. AND Iguodala... holy crap." So I keep watching, and they sub in JO, Speights, Draymond Green, Douglas.

    It dawns on me, "Holy crap they are stacked." Their starting 5 is pretty ridiculous.

    And then it dawns on me that I forgot about Harrison Barnes, who's out with a minor injury.

    Good grief. And then you got Mark Jackson, who in my mind is a brilliant basketball mind, out to prove that he's a top-flight coach.

    This is a dangerous team. About the ONLY thing I could see being a problem for them in the playoffs is their youth and inexperience. A team like Miami, SA, Indy might beat them on just pure veteranmanship (I just invented that word). But that team is going to be a handful this year, and even scarier in the years to come if they can keep those pieces together.
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