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  • JO for Hibbert

    79 87.78%
  • Scola for GG

    11 12.22%
  • Jarrett Jack / Mcbob for Bayless

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  • George Hill

    6 6.67%
  • Darren Collison for Murphy

    8 8.89%
  • Rush for Armundson/ Barbosa - 2nd

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  • Birds trades have all sucked

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Thread: Top Larry Legend Trades as Pacers President

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    Default Re: Top Larry Legend Trades as Pacers President

    Quote Originally Posted by Steagles View Post
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    If Kawhi Leonard was not traded, we would have Indiana Leonard, not San Antonio Leonard. We don't know if Indiana Leonard would even be any good. Granted we all would love to think about Lance, San Antonio Leonard, PG, West, and Roy starting, but the fact is, without Popp's coaching and the veterans he's around there, he might not become a good player.
    I always felt the same with boston rondo and Indiana rondo (at that time) Leornard nvr looked thrilled to come here. I love GH3 and what he brings to this team... just don't like the nagging injuries. on and off the court GH3 is a real asset for this Franchise.

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    Default Re: Top Larry Legend Trades as Pacers President

    He's made several good trades, but the JO-Hibbert one is the one that obviously stands out. He traded a washed up big man who was making a ton of money for a deal that netted us a draft pick which we used to take an all-star center who will anchor our defense for many many years. It doesn't get much better than that. We definitely got lucky that the 17th pick exploded into an all-star center, but you make your own luck by putting yourself in that position.

    From 08-present, Bird has just been a phenomenal GM. The guy is just a complete basketball genius. He is a top 5 all time player with three championships. As a head coach, he took the Pacers to their only NBA Finals appearance. And from 08-present, he's built an excellent basketball team that looks primed to compete for many many years. The Legend just knows basketball inside and out, and succeeds at every level. There's no one on the planet who I'd rather have running the Pacers right now. His presence gives us such credibility.

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    Default Re: Top Larry Legend Trades as Pacers President

    I remember nearly shedding a tear when I saw we got DC for Murphy.

    god we've come a long way.

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