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    I'm not sure he would be our 3rd string center. I've never backed down from defending Ian, because I see Ian for what his role is, i.e. defense and rebounding, and really don't care what he does offensively, but if we assume that Plumlee will continue to have a similiar impact defensively, I think Miles would be a better option.

    His defense was really really good. I kept wondering why they didn't try him on LA, because there for a while he was just turning and shooting over Morris. Probably because Morris would have to guard Robin Lopez, but IMHO I'd rather him beat you than LA.

    Assuming his defense stays somewhat consistent, he's already filling the role that Ian does. I think his ability to not only catch the ball, but catch a lob pass and either dunk it or control it and come back down and gather himself before going back up starts moving him in front of what Ian is capable of doing.

    If I jumping the gun on his defensive ability, so be it, but I don't think that type of thing just comes and goes like the offensive end. There were still areas of improvement, no doubt, but it's pretty encouraging to see someone have such a large impact on their very first given opportunity.

    He might have started out as 3rd string, and maybe stayed there the entire year, but it's not as easily accepted IMHO, than what it was two days ago.
    It's not that I disagree with what you said. If Miles keeps this up then he could certainly leapfrog Ian in the rotation. I'm just not sure that he would get the chance to play if he was here. We really didn't seem willing to give him a chance last year. Then again, you never know.

    Miles is in a good situation for him right now and I'm glad about that. We're in a very good situation as a team as well so overall I'm happy
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