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Thread: Dungy: Colts likely to focus on defense during offseason

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    Default Dungy: Colts likely to focus on defense during offseason

    INDIANAPOLIS (AP) -- Tony Dungy knows the Indianapolis Colts need to make some personnel changes, especially on defense. His approach to coaching, however, will remain the same.

    ``I don't know any different ways to do it,'' Dungy said. ``We've got a very good offensive system in place, a very good defensive system and a good special teams system. We've got good players and good coaches, and we've just got to continue to grow on that.''

    The Colts lost 20-3 on Sunday at New England -- Indianapolis' perennial nemesis -- and it dropped the AFC South champions to 13-5. It was a disappointing finish for a team that many thought had a good shot at getting to the Super Bowl.

    ``When you don't win the ballgame, there's a little bit of an empty feeling,'' Dungy said. ``We'll be able to, in another week or so, look at the season in total and realize that we did have a fine year.''

    Record-setting quarterback Peyton Manning, the league's MVP, and all of his top receivers ) Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne and Brandon Stokley -- will all be back, and owner Jim Irsay is ready, if necessary, to designate running back Edgerrin James the Colts' franchise player and lock him in place at least one more season.

    On defense, Dwight Freeney led the league with 16 sacks and helped the Colts produce an NFL-best turnover margin of plus-19. Punter Hunter Smith was second in the NFL in net yardage, and Mike Vanderjagt remained the most accurate field goal kicker in league history.

    Dungy and the rest of the coaching staff will take some time off for vacations, watch the rest of the playoffs on TV and maybe attend the Senior Bowl on Jan. 29 in Mobile, Ala., to scout many of the top players coming out of college this year.

    Then it's back to work, preparing for the combine at the RCA Dome next month and then the college draft April 23-24.

    ``You never know who's going to be available, but certainly when you've got an offense like ours you want to keep it tooled up and going well,'' Dungy said. ``Obviously, defensively is where we would probably look in the draft, but I don't see any major philosophical changes. I think we just keep fine-tuning and keep improving and keep growing with a lot of the guys in our system already.''

    Among the Colts' potential free agents are linebacker Rob Morris, cornerback Nick Harper and safety Idrees Bashir -- all starters.

    ``We'd like to get everyone re-signed,'' Dungy said. ``It's not an easy procedure, but hopefully we can get as many guys back as possible and then figure out where we go from there.''

    An unavoidable byproduct of the Colts' success, of course, is a spot toward the bottom of the draft order, but Dungy said that didn't necessarily mean the Colts would place greater emphasis on trades or free-agent acquisitions.

    ``I think you can find some guys (in the draft) that can help you -- Robert Mathis has been a big help to us, and he wasn't a first-day choice. Raheem Brock was probably a really big part of what we've done, and he wasn't even one of our draft choices. So you can find guys in a lot of areas.''

    Whatever happens, he said, won't be dictated by a heat-of-the-moment desire for change while the loss to the Patriots is still fresh.

    ``I always like to focus in on the whole season,'' Dungy said, ``and that's one of the things our coaches will do: make an analysis of every guy's performance throughout the season and kind of classify each player where we think they're going to be next year and look at it on an objective basis.''

    Hint: Look at replacing Meeks please! 'czar.

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    Default Re: Dungy: Colts likely to focus on defense during offseason

    well , ihope the colts have finally realized that offense alone won't do it. we have tried that for 2 years in a row now and with the same results. last year we had a defense that couldn't stop anyone and this year we had a defense that couldn't stop anyone good. just like last year the pats had control of time of posession. they had 2 scoring drives this last game against us where they took up a total of 30 posessions. tht just won't get it done. the d must get better. it is that simple. if we gotta get rid of edge to do it- then so be it.

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    Then again, our offense did not do it this year. 3 points, you know something went wrong offensively.
    Don't ask Marvin Harrison what he did during the bye week. "Batman never told where the Bat Cave is," he explained.

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