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Thread: Four big IF's about Lance Stephenson.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sollozzo View Post
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    I generally get what you're saying. But playoff games tend to be won by the starters. Now you certainly need a better bench than the one the Pacers trotted out last year, but in general starters decide playoff games. That's why we went as far as we did last year. So you also have to put a value on being a starter versus being a bench player. If the starting lineup is better with one player than the other, then it should be weighed more heavily.

    But yeah, we both agree that this is an extremely theoretical conversation.
    How many playoff games have OKC James Harden and Manu Ginobili won for their teams? A lot of them. 6th men of this kind may not start technicality but they are starters in reality. They play starter minutes, they play a lot with the starters and they are on the court to finish the game.
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