I've chosen to go with the Xbox One rather than the PS4, and I was reading this last night and got kind of bummed out:


Of course, I've since learned that Modern Warfare 2 on 360 was only at 600p:


And I never recall having gripes with how that game looked, so I'm not sure if I really care so much now. I'm more concerned about qualities/details within the game being different rather than screen resolution, and if there's a gap there now, hopefully with this cloud computing Microsoft has been talking about they can use that in future years to narrow the gap.

I'll be honest, though, it still does take some wind out of my sales wondering why Microsoft didn't go ahead with better hardware on a box they plan to have us playing on for 7+ years.

*edit* Before now, I hadn't been able to watch the YouTube video. It's not as bad as I feared. I think the PS4 looks better, but it's not like the XB1 looks like *** or anything remotely close to that.