Obviously, I hate linking to BR but this was actually a pretty good interview so...

This is what I took interest in:

So, liked or feared? Which does he prefer?

"No, it donít matter," James said. "Nope. It donít matter to me at all. Youíve got some guys in our league who donít like me; youíve got some guys who do like me. I donít know. I mean, everything that comes back to me, most guys donít like me."

Even now?

"Nah. Nah. When they place me with the Heat, no one likes the Heat. So thereís a lot of guys that donít like me. But itís nothing for me to really worry about too much. You donít have to fear me on the court, but respect me. Thatís all that matters to me. As long as you respect me, fear or like doesnít matter."
Now, I get that LBJ is a pretty sensitive guy, so this is probably him being overly sensitive.. but I find it hard to believe one of the nicest guys in the NBA is disliked by most of his competition. He reminds me of Magic. He's a genuinely super nice guy.

Anywho, pretty good column.