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Sorry, but that's not an example of sitting someone to match up with the opponent, seeing as how CJ stayed in the game, just guarded a different player.

It's a direct example of him switching something around because of a superstar player. Of course CJ stayed in the game - we were thin the other night with Hill out. Why would he only limit playing match-ups to guys who are in the lineup? So he wouldn't consider a match-up when deciding to start Granger or Lance, both of whom are proven players if healthy? This is one of the best coaches in the NBA that we're talking about. And we're also talking about Dwyane Wade, a guy who has been one the best players in the NBA for a decade. Reports of his demise have been greatly exaggerated. If you think that one player is going to be better at guarding him than another, and that their won't be much drop off elsewhere, then you without question start that player.

Of course he didn't sit anyone last year against the Heat. We only had five good players and they were all starters. But if this team is completely healthy, then it is exponentially deeper and there will be scenarios in which Vogel will have to play a match-up. That's not saying that we're going to change our identity. We all know that Hibbert-West-PG-Hill are going to be out there when it matters most. But does Vogel have the opportunity to play match-ups outside of that? Absolutely.