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Thread: Best Offseason Acquisition: Candace Buckner

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    Default Re: Best Offseason Acquisition: Candace Buckner

    Quote Originally Posted by mboyle1313 View Post
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    Bobby Mac,

    With all due respect, it is not the beat writer's job to "support the team". In fact, a writer that takes that approach is not doing his/her job properly. Objectivity is an essential component in good day to day coverage of a beat.

    And, for what it's worth, I consider Mike Wells to be the best Pacer beat writer that the Star has had in my years here.

    I suspect you and Bobby Mac define "support the team" differently. You can support the team by getting to know the players and writing interesting articles. Buckner seems to be doing that. So far she's been a breath of fresh air. Helping the community get to know the players does "support the team". She has access that we don't. It didn't seem like Wells had that kind of access.

    I've read the Star beat writers since the 70's. Wells isn't near the top of my list. He was honest (and repetitive) in his opinions. But he was far from objective.

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