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Yes it is private sadly and crazy expensive. I have a 4.0 somehow at Ivy Tech ( I have come so long from my Warren Central days where I just didn't give a f about school) I just joined Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Theta Kappa. I am hoping a few colleges offer me a full ride. I can get 20k off of Xavier 32k tuition because of my grades. At IU I should get a few grand off.

I really like Xavier's staff and I am confident I can earn being a student manager there so I really like that idea. Honestly i don't care much about the school's as long as I can work with the basketball team. I might go the route that xavier's director of basketball ops went. He went to IU for undergrad and got hired at Xavier and got his grad degree paid for.

I plan to work the IU camps this summer(I am hopeful I can work a camp every week this summer at many different schools. I feel I will learn a lot that way) if I can get the assurance from coach Miller (women's coach) or coach Crean that I can get a trail period as a student manager I will go to IU. I plan to live in whatever gym I am at lol I just need a chance to prove myself.
4.0 anywhere is damn impressive. Tip of the cap to you, sir. I wish you all the luck with that, they sound like really great opportunities. Anywhere you could be part of the basketball program would be a great experience.