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I'm not so convinced Harrison only had a knee sprain, but that is another issue. To my actual point, the way they repair torn knee ligaments anymore I would say the odds of this being career ending to be unlikely. The difference between treating a sprain and a tear is with a sprained knee healing is just rest. The same tissue is allowed to just heal on its own basically. With the way they treat tears they replace the ligament. So while with a sprain you are relying on the same damaged ligament, with a tear you have a new ligament that hasn't been damaged, most likely, before. That is why Peterson was able to come back so quickly at such a high level, and why David West is still a beast. If it was ten or so years ago West would probably be retired by now, and Peterson would have seen a similar decrease in ability that we saw from Edge after his ligament tears.
I also think the Colts lied about the severity of Marvin's injury I remembered when they brought him back rusty for the playoffs ... against the Chargers... yeah

Peterson is what 27/28 that's different than a 35 year old yes there are medical advances and what not but not everyone heals at the same rate I mean Derrick Rose who's younger than all of them took over a year to come back from his ACL. RGIII is still adjusting.