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Thread: Deeper look into Hibbert's offseason workout

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    Grantland has been counting down the days to the NBA with a series of articles, most of them have been light-hearted and funny, but todays was a bit more serious and of course about our defensive anchor.

    Roy Hibbert is enclosed by a trapezoid-shaped metal bar, flanked on both sides by large black plates that are elevated slightly off the ground by two wood boxes in order to ease the burden on his towering frame. The Pacers' All-Star center lowers his center of gravity, tightly gripping the faded silver handles on each side of the bar. Hibbert smoothly uncoils from his half-crouched position into a full, towering, upright figure. The bar seems to hang weightlessly near his hips. Hibbert repeats this feat twice more before returning to his starting position. He releases the bar, sending the massive amount of weight onto the wood blocks, which absorb the force with a thunderous crack. Hibbert steps out and takes a couple of long strides to the opposite side of the room. He plops his large frame down between two benches to recover for his next set.
    “That’s a P.R. [personal record],” Mike Robertson, his trainer this offseason, yells to Hibbert after double-checking his calculation on the weight. “When you include the bar, that’s 470.”
    Hibbert gives Robertson a nod and takes a sip of water.
    The idea that Indiana’s Hibbert, already a defensive monster in the paint, was busy setting personal bests in the weight room this offseason should be a scary thought for opposing teams. For much of the summer, four days a week, the Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training facility was his second home. ....

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    Default Re: Deeper look into Hibbert's offseason workout

    He's going to be a Monster.
    Lance is finally home. Whether he becomes our starting PG or he's 6th man, he's getting big minutes and he's here to stay. #llortontnia

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