I don't have a problem treading Edge. Personally I like him, maybe not as good as Faulk or Dickerson or Bently that we have had.

Rhodes is an okay back. I still think we need a speed burner. Remember Edge just doesn't run the ball, he blocks A LOT and can catch and run. I would love to have Carnell "Cadilac" Williams, but he won't last that long, 19th pick in the first round. The other problem is that what ever back we draft will want "edge" money. Do we pay for an untested back? Whick is what we would have to do if we trade Edge.

I would like to see us change our Offensive scheme. Maybe less passing, more running and more ball control. That is the way that the Patriots won. Not having the defense play 2/3 of the game will make them better when rested. (Remember these are big guys and they need more than a 2 minutes breather.) They were just worn out by the end of the game. Though our running game sucked against the Pats.

I know this is going against everything the Colts have done for the last few years. The problem is that our Offense isn't suited for that. We don't run full backs as lead blockers, we use TE's. I don't think our TE's are the size of a FB.

Franchise Edge, then trade him. Use the 2 picks for Defense. Polian has this way of drafting quality defense in the later rounds. Use our first pick for a Running Back, and Second round picks for a corner and a WR if we can't keep Reggie Wayne.