Well let me start off by saying I am very depressed about this season.I actaully think I am more pissed than sad.Just the fact that we didn't play "Colts football" and we got our asses stomped again.Yes, the New England Patriots are the Colts Daddys.Well this year brought hope but in the end the same exact thing happened our season was ended by the Pats.

What kind of changes do you guys want to see take place in the offseason?I think we will get some defensive guys maybe make the D a bit larger.And I have heard that we will draft all D in the draft which yes I think we should.

Well we have Edge who has been rumored to be tagged.And then I think we have some OLinemen and we have Vandy.I really kind of hope Vandy can stay because they aren't that many good kickers in the NFL.Look at the Jets'
I don't think we need to fire anyone.I just think that they should have came up with a way better gameplan.

I couldn't find a complete list of all the freeagents.But I do know we still have some key FA we need to re-sign.