I was on the board just long enough to congratulate Boston Irish which was
all I really wanted to do, although there were a few others that I wanted to wish good luck to. Good thing though, it seemed like the boorish pats trolls
were about to have a vampiric feast. I guess I'll never understand how it is so
hard for them to be gracious winners. Seems to me that absorbing a loss and
offering congrats would be/ should be harder, I know it has been bitterly hard
for me anyway. Oh well.
Hopefully though people will come from the IS board and here and CELEBRATE our season instead of denigrating it. It didn't end the way we
wanted it no doubt. But many things were accomplished, special things, but in
the end we lost to a better team, no disgrace in that. In my heart, I believe
we'll overtake these guys, I can't back it up with concrete evidence right now,
it's just a matter of faith.