As most of you know I'm a realtor. A couple of months back I listed a near-eastside rental for sale. Six weeks into the 12 month listing contract the seller asks for the listing to be withdrawn....which my broker promptly did. Less than a week later he asked to be released from the contract for financial reasons. He stated I had done nothing wrong but it was merely business. I tried to talk him out of that course saying that when he was ready to re-list I was willing to sell it for him. He then became more intense and said he knew how to trash me on the internet and was going to do so. Again I tried to reason with him and finally said he'd have to speak to my broker as he held the contract and I had no authority to release it. My broker tried to work out a deal where we would release the contract via a buy-out and the guy freaked. (this arguement took place over 2-3 days and numerous emails)
THe upshot is, he has now submitted a very poor recommendation to Zillow...but get this, NOT ON HIS PROPERTY but purporting to be the owner of another property I had listed last year. He represents himself (never indicating who it really is) as being the owner of a property in New Palestine and talks about what a poor job I did. Since this review appeared I have spoken with the actual owner and he is submitting his own review to Zillow. I know of no way to prove the person who is mad at me submitted that review but if I could I'd try to take him to court or something.