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Don’t think it’s just fans that argue and whine about the ratings of players on NBA2k – a lot of players do too and have taken offense to so-and-so being ranked higher than them. Then you get people like Michael Beasley who actually thought his 78 in 2k12 was “higher than (he) thought” it would be.

A few ratings of the NBA’s elite and rookies from NBA2k14 leaked and it’s causing a little commotion among the basketball/gaming community. Most wont complain about the face of NBA2k4, King James, having a score of 99 but if he’s 99 then should Durant be a 94? 92 for Westbrook sounds fair but does Wall at 85 and Monta at 82 sound fair then?

Below are a few of the ratings published by Gameranx.com. I can’t wait to see where Kobe, Harden, Dwight, Steph and Rose rank on the list.

LeBron James – 99
Kevin Durant – 94
Carmel Anthony – 92
Russell Westbrook – 91
Paul George – 88
John Wall – 85
Monta Ellis – 82
Brook Lopez – 81
Pau Gasol – 81
Roy Hibbert – 81
Anthony Bennett – 76
Evan Turner – 76
Victor Oladipo – 76
Jared Dudley – 73
Ben McLemore 72
Nerlens Noel – 72
Cody Zeller – 68
Peyton Siva – 67
Chris Johnson – 66
well this looks like lebron and the others. i can't disagree actually.