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    is tarik glenn going to the pro bowl now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ImReppinBtown
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    is tarik glenn going to the pro bowl now?
    Yep. That's what I understand. he was the first alternate. When the guy had surgery on his leg, he dropped out. That meant Glenn is in!

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    I can see it now.

    The AFC down by 3 with :57 to go on the NFC's 30. Peyton walks up to center. In his mind he knows on his right he has Marvin running a fly to the outside. To his left, Antonio Gates will post over the middle and Hines Ward will be going for the lob in the back corner of the endzone. Behind him is the edge who is going to give a quick block and then fade out to the right.

    The crowd is cheering, Peyton hears the taunt of Jevon Kearse. Peyton's brow stiffenes as he watches the Strong Saftety begin to slide towards Gates. Peyton knows where the opening is. After one pump fake he'll have Marvin in the endzone.

    Peyton puts his hands under Kevin Mawae, leans down. "Hut, Hut."

    A FLAG!...."False start number 78 on the offense, 5 yard penalty repeat fourth down."

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