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Thread: Deletion of posts

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    Default Deletion of posts

    If you are going to be deleting a group of posts because of unsavory comments and personal attacks from set of trolls, you need to atleast offer up a reason why.
    My silly post about the Alternate Piston Jersey's was deleted last night just cause one poster launches a personal attack against me. I reported his post. Why then delete my post? Why punish the content of the original post when it wasn't overtly offensive to anybody. If you take this approach you are giving these trolls the validation for their personal attack.
    You shouldn't delete a post just because it caused some trollish comments, the content of the post wasn't the issue. It was the troll who followed.

    I dont' like what was i'll troll you and get both posts deleted.
    You can't get champagne from a garden hose.

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    Default Re: Deletion of posts

    I said you weren't funny. Get some thicker skin.

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    Default Re: Deletion of posts

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