Just wanted to start a thread. Want to keep tabs on these 2 games. I'll be buying on of them!

Without Live, 2K has really made almost 3 different games from 2k11 - 2k13. They have taken some big gambles and some things just haven't worked out. On top of that, there have been glitches that have been going on since 2K11 that haven't even been fixed. While I love 2K series, I'm glad Live is back.

Live definitely has some interesting things.
-bouncetek sounds really nice. Less canned animations the better.
-blockable dunks. They announced this early to get the jump on 2K since blocking dunks/layups has been an issue the past couple of 2K iterations. 2K13 you just couldn't block dunks at all. 2K12 you could block with your elbows and legs.

2K has been tight lipped about their details.
-Just announced on 8/6 that you can block dunks and they posted screenshots.

Please feel free to post when you hear something about either game. Once the games are out, I can post the game scores from a few gaming sites, and see which game they plan on buying.

Things that I want in 2K
-Blocking (dunks/layups) - CHECK
-AI players close out on wide open shots way too quickly. It's like they are suction cupped
-AI players ice skating - suction cupped
-Rebounding (AI offensive rebounding is way too high)
-3pt shooting (seems anyone in this game is a great 3pt shooter)
-Select jerseys before games (in every game mode) Man, I really want to use those flo-jos!
-Crew Mode (never played this, but want to)
-More playability for My Player - Give us $ and VC. $ to buy a house (can get a trophy room that keeps up with every award you get!), car, etc. I want a reason to keep playing beyond 1 season.
-More input for My Player - I really want to be a player manager. If there is a player you don't like, let us say so at ANY TIME, and the game has to trade that player within a month/before deadline. Same thing with requesting a player. All this will be based on your status with the team (requests will happen only for star players, but if you aren't, then there is a possibility your request won't happen). Let us dictate our minutes. If the game is a blow out, why am I playing the last few minutes? Or make the coaching smarter.
-My Player (add in Summer League and training camps)
-My Player - would love if they added in a D-League where you could play for a season and then go into the draft. I want a more realistic chance of getting drafted #1. This alleviates the issue of college basketball where you'd have to create so many different courts. With the D-league, you can just create a few different templates or let them play on the big boy courts when the NBA teams aren't in town. It'd be no different than what Brandon Jennings did by going over seas, but instead you play your 1 year in the Dleague.
-Add more player customizations: hair styles, wing span, etc.
-Sliders for My Player
-My Player - please dear God let us select which game to play and which we want to skip like you can in every other damn mode.
-My Player - let us take off the auto-save feature
-Customizing courts/arenas/jerseys (they have a shoe creator, why not expand it!)
-Get rid of Sig Skills. Or at least don't let them give bonuses, just rather stating what a particular player is skilled at. I don't think any of the Sig Skills worked like they were supposed to. Just make it a badge of honor type thing.

There's probably more, but those are the ones off the top of my head.

Let us take our My Player from 2K14 and be able to import him in 2K15. Pisses me off that I have to start from scratch every time.