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Thread: Granger for Varejao

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    Default Granger for Varejao

    Lets say that both players stay healthy this season. If Solomon Hill really impresses early in the season I could see Granger becoming more available. I tried this trade ( on the NBA trade machine and it worked and I think it could be beneficial to both teams. Varejao would replace Mahimi as the backup 5 and Gee would just be there to make the salaries workout. With a backup front court of Scola/ Varejao I don't see how the Heat or any team could stop this team from winning the ring this year.

    I know people are very loyal to Granger and wouldn't want to see him traded but what do you think of this trade?

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    No, we need a 3 much more than we need a 5, with Scola on the bench we don't need Varejao, and Hill is a rookie, I don't want to trade Granger in favor of a rookie

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    Default Re: Granger for Varejao

    I don't think that we can afford Varejao's contract while keeping our core intact.
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