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Thread: Fleener or Allen?

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    Default Fleener or Allen?

    Now, make no mistake, I want them both to succeed and have a great career with us but who do you see having the best career based on their qualities?

    I admit I didn't pay a lot of attention to Fleener last season but for example what are his blocking abilities like? Is he more of a receiving TE and that's it? Can he get separation from the LB for example? Too early to tell and I am not passing definite judgement here (as it was both their rookie year and Coby had an injury too) but seems to me Allen has a more complete talent package.

    Anyway, as I said above, I want them both to help our team and really hope they reach Dallas Clark's production all these years.

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    Default Re: Fleener or Allen?

    I believe that Allen is the much better player compared to Fleener. He's just a solid all-around player and is able to do more on offense than Fleener can. I think he's as athletic as Fleener but a much better blocker, and he's strong in traffic with terrific hands. In terms of all around tools I think he's better than Clark, who was purely a pass-catching TE. Honestly, he reminds me a lot of Marcus Pollard, but maybe a little more athletic and talented.

    Fleener is still good and was slightly limited last year due to injuries. I think he's going to have a much better year, partially due to natural progression. But I think having Pep back and running more 2 TE sets and short passes will set Fleener up to do better.

    But I think 3 years from now we will all see Allen as the #1 TE on the team and one of the better ones in the NFL. I'm that high on him.
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    Default Re: Fleener or Allen?

    Based on last year I'm not sure he can get there but I think the intention was for Fleener to attack the seam, be a deep threat and hopefully become a reliable red zone target. Probably not an every down guy but I'm sure the Colts are hoping he can eventually be a playmaker in the passing game.

    Based on last year Allen is the every down guy. Total package football player. All around good blocker in both the run & pass game and probably will be a very effective move the chains type of pass catcher. So far IMO Allen projects to be the better football player.

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    Default Re: Fleener or Allen?

    Coby Fleener, he has so much upside I think he will eventually put it all together

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    Default Re: Fleener or Allen?

    Dwayne Allen which is rather ironic considering that you would think Fleener/Luck would be the better combo based on past history

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    Default Re: Fleener or Allen?

    Both, I see Allen as getting more playing time, but Fleenor will have a bigger impact as well. What a Luxury it is to have 2 young studs at the TE position that compliment each other.

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    Default Re: Fleener or Allen?

    Both. They have their strengths. They said Allen was the lesser-known, but likely better TE prospect before the draft last year. I think they were right. He looks to be a really, really good player. Fleener, to me, is more of a huge wide receiver... more in the Dallas Clark mold. He may not be the blocker or chain-mover that Allen is, but he'll probably break loose for a lot more big gains. I could see Fleener having less catches, but more yards than Allen, and comes off the field more than Allen who is valuable on every play. They both could have similar TD totals, though.
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    Default Re: Fleener or Allen?

    I think alot of Fleener's positives were due to having game history with Luck. I'm looking at Allen to being one of the better Colt TEs.

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