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    I keep seeing this commercial running in my head. Maybe it's a movie, I'm not sure.

    It's like Orwell's 1984. You know the commercial that Apple put out that started the BIG Super Bowl Commercials!

    In my Commercial/Movie I see these guys in Patriot uniforms. Standing in a room. Everything is in Black and White. Their coach is on a stage with a giant TV screen behind him showing game footage in black and white. They nod when he nods, they smile when he smiles, they sit when he tells them to sit.

    Then you see a man running down a corridor. He has a dark uniform top on, white pants, dark shoes. He carries a football in his hand. He runs until he finally enters the room! The other Patriots in the room donít acknowledge his presence, their coach hasnít told them to do so.

    He stops, throws the football at the giant screen. It shatters and behind the screen there is color. A green football field, 52 men who are dressed in Blue Jerseys, white pants and black shoes. We see that our hero is also dressed like they are. We see the #18 on his chest!

    We see The Rise of The Blue Nation!

    I don't think it's a dream!

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    Nice imagery.

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