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    Quote Originally Posted by Eleazar View Post
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    Things just seem to being getting worse and worse with Crean. He reminds me a bit of my high school coach, who I deem to be the worst coach ever, which is sad cause I have had some terrible coaches. The way he handled the old regimes players when he took over rubbed me the wrong way. He really seemed to be looking for any reason possible to get rid of them instead of trying to work with them, and correct any behavioral/academic issues. Last years team had too much talent to not get to the final four, not getting to the Elite Eight was an utter failure. While I haven't paid as much attention to IU basketball since he took over as I did before (partially because I couldn't watch the games at college) when I have watched them, I have been thoroughly unimpressed with his coaching and the style of ball they play.
    This is where I lose IU fans. Really not getting to the elite 8 utter failure? Jeez. Like Dean Smith use to say the best team rarely wins in tournament play you must get very very lucky.

    Crean isn't as bad as IU fans make him out to be. He is a solid coach and IU is lucky to have him, but elite program fans have un real expectations.

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