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    Wilson has killed most of my goodwill with him. Unlike Crean who never made excuses and just kept building the program by recruiting and building a culture, Wilson has tried to do with dumbass helmets and righteous indignation whenever someone brings up how ****** the team has been. This team has all the reason to be a bowl team and yet they've **** all over this season so badly that the bowl game won't even come down to the last week (Ohio State is going to murder train us). Really pretty embarrassing.

    Wilson wants to act like he's building a culture then he needs to be less focused on uniforms and "bulletin board quotes" and more focused on an actual game plan. Giving up 554 yards or whatever was on the ground is ****ing insane. Blaming it all on Mallory isn't the right choice either, yes obviously his *** should be fired, but that was true after we scored 47 points against Michigan and lost, the time to fire Mallory was then and if not then, then it should have been after the Minny game where we put up 39 and lost.

    Wilson shows ZERO leadership, just none. It is on excuse after another and someone should have called his ******** after the Navy loss when he basically made it sound like no one in the history of football has ever beaten Navy's mystical option offense. I understand it is a ******** offense, but Wilson made it seem like it was straight voodoo that no one would ever be able to strategize against. Navy got beat by ****ing Western Kentucky two weeks after they beat us. I'm just sick of Wilson's excuses.

    It was fun at first having a confident coach bordering on arrogant who didn't take **** about the program, but after 3 years of empty promises of improvement (I'm sorry, but I don't see them as improved over last year), I'm pretty much tired of his ******** whining about Navy or the media.

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