I have this idea.

I have been looking for a book called, "Business Plans for Dummies!"

What do you think of a dining establishment in north Indianapolis that is a cross between St. Elmo's and a sports bar. (A high end sports bar). It could be downtown as well, is Union Station still open? (Probably too close to St. Elmo's.)

This would be partially owned by Peyton Manning. I have the name picked out, (I'll keep that to myself for now) I know where to get the best chef's Johnson & Wales just opened their university this year in Charlotte, not to mention CPCC (Central Peidmont Community College has a great chef's school.) I know a great realtor in Indy (My Brother in Law.) who can find me the building.

I need to pitch this to Mr. Manning when I have a business plan done.

Here's my problem. Am I out to lunch on this?