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Thread: CBS: Pacers offering Granger in trades. Oh, and Green obviously.

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    Question Re: CBS: Pacers offering Granger in trades. Oh, and Green obviously.

    Quote Originally Posted by imawhat View Post
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    Sookie, PG really won't have control over his destination for another 5 or 6 seasons (barring singing his qualifying offer), but loyalty does matter to Paul. There is some value in loyalty that I think generally gets overlooked here.

    I'm on a MAC!, there's also teams that can absorb Granger's salary. Those are teams like Milwaukee, Atlanta, Utah, Dallas, etc. They can give us combinations of young talent/draft picks that will not put us in financial jeopardy next season.
    Just out of curiousity, what does the bolded/underlined portion of your quote above , have to do with the price of garbonzo beans in Djibouti?!? LMAO
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