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    Default HOU

    HOU gets:

    Danny Granger
    Gerald Green

    IND gets:

    Jeremy Lin
    Omar Asik
    Patrick Beverly (or Peyton Siva)
    Thomas Robinson

    This deal fills out our roster at with a ridiculous bench and upside too. This saves Hou about 4.5M to open up signing Dwight. It pairs him with an outside shooter and rounds out their wing situation. We get oyur backup PG and a PG to develop. We take on a little extra salary but get extra talent. Win Win. Let me know what you think.
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    Tried to run this thru Real GM and it kicked it out. Does Lin still have that poison pill tacked onto the end of his contract where only Houston can use just 8.3 as a salary cap hold? ESPN trader ok'ed it and I kinda like it.

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    To much going on there, to much contract. Need to get expiring contracts or cheap contract. Do you want to keep Paul George next year? Cause Lin and Asik are 2 contracts that will be hard to trade next year and can seriously damage the future of our roster.
    Garbage players get 1st round picks, (WTF)! All of the NBA must hate the Pacers! LOL

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