I'm going to be in need of some money for this next semester of college as I will be a junior in August, so I'm going to be making some of my in-person and through the mail obtained autographs available that I have obtained over the years; otherwise, I would be keeping them and not selling them.

Below is a link to my photobucket which shows everything I have signed IP and TTM but I will also post a lot of my Pacers-specific items in this thread. Most of my items are signed trading cards and signed photos. If you don't want to look through all of the many pages of my bucket to see what I have, you can ask me if I have a certain player/team (I both have older and newer players), I can get you a list so that it doesn't take up so much of your time.

The forms of payment I accept are: cash, money order, and cashiers check ONLY. I do not own a Paypal account, so I cannot accept Paypal as a form of payment. I will add Delivery Confirmation to each sale. I have done many deals and contests with members here at PD already.

With that being said, just lmk what you are interested in or ask any questions you may have.


Thanks for looking!

^^ Gerald Green on a signed plastic sheet protector lol. I'd sell this for just $1 for anyone that wants it.

Jarrett Jack signed mini basketball:

Jeff Pendergraph & Matt Rogers:

Only have the George Hill signed card in the middle now:

Hibbert gone, Stephenson gone, but the rest are still available:

Jeff Foster signed 3x5 index card:

James Posey:

Hibbert gone, but the rest are available:

Darren Collison:

Andre Owens, Boomer, and Bowser signed on a game program:

Hibbert and middle Granger are gone, but rest are available:

Rasho Nesterovic & Jarrett Jack signed on a game program:

Card on right is gone, rest are available:

Bottom left is gone, rest are available:

A.J. Price signed on a Draft Guide from the night he was drafted:

All Hibbert's are on hold, the rest are available:

Top two are available: