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Thread: DG, 1ST(s) and possibly Lance for Rondo

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    Default DG, 1ST(s) and possibly Lance for Rondo

    Obviously, this is based on no intel, just satisfying the voices in my head.

    BOS receives:
    Danny's expiring deal
    2013 first
    2015 first
    Lance (if they insist)

    IND receives:

    Why BOS does it:
    Clear space for 2014
    Draft picks with which to rebuild
    Lance is young cheap talent to pair with DeAndre Jordan (if such a deal were to go)
    Danny for a season on an expiring deal is way less risky than keeping a potentially subpar Rondo for the future.

    Why IND does it:
    Hibbs, West, PG, Hill and Rondo would be unstoppable.
    High risk/high reward scenario
    IND can't depend on premier FA choosing to come here, so we roll the dice on Rondo and multiple Finals appearances and hopefully some hardware to go with it.
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