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Thread: Getting a crown.....?

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    Default Getting a crown.....?

    So I went to the dentist today and have 2 cavities, one is so bad I have to get a crown. The weird thing is I feel absolutely no pain at all. I have had problems with cavities before, these 2 will be my 12th..... problem is when I drink a drink I cant drink that much of it and drink in sips, which I'm told is the worst thing I could do for my teeth. So I was wondering does getting a crown hurt? I asked my dentist and he said I didnt need to get a root canal so he said it's not that bad, but I'm still nervous. Anyone whose experienced this want to give any advice?? thanks

    Edit: before anyone asks, I brush twice a day and mouth rinse.

    Edit 2.0: Apparently my broken tooth is not a result of a cavity....idk what I did then O_O
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    Getting a crown hurts no more than getting a filling. At least without the root canal. Never had that so can't say. Unless I had it and he never specified that was part of the procedure and I didn't know the difference...

    I have more residual pain from where the Novocaine shots are given when the numbness wears off than I do from the filling work... or the two crowns I have.

    It's no wisdom teeth extraction work... I won't tell you that one doesn't hurt. Gum line sliced open to get to the tooth... tooth broken into pieces and extracted in pieces... blood spraying out.... And it didn't hurt at the time. Just felt pressure at the time. But later... swelling and pain were 'not fun' for several hours. But I digress...

    Don't sweat the crown.

    Well... there IS some pain... When you get the bill.
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    Default Re: Getting a crown.....?

    Crowns are easy. I think getting a filling is worse. I hear root canals are not as bad as they use to be, but I don't want to find out. But yeah, don't sweat it. Crowns aren't bad.

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